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Reverse Mortgage Information
    Government Insured
    All of our Reverse Mortgages
    are Insured and Regulated by
    the United States Government!

    No Payments
    It won't cost you a penny! No
    Payments at all.

    Retirement Income
    Unlike a second job, there is
    no tax on this income, so you
    get to use all of it.

    Cash for any Purpose
    You can use this income for
    anything you wish. It's already
    your money, it's just locked up
    in your homes equity.
    Find out if a Reverse Mortgage
    is right for you. A few minutes
    now could change your life.

    We are an equal housing lender.

Hall Ewing, Reverse Mortgage Expert For Seniors 602-741-9420

Serving the State of Arizona

Call Hall and within 2 minutes you will know financially how the loan works for you, your co borrowers and the home with todays interest rate. Senior Reverse Mortgage Loans provide seniors with a powerful tool to for homeowners 62 and older to use their home equity as income or to eliminate current mortgage payments. Seniors make no reverse mortgage payments as long as they live in their home. Senior reverse mortgages allow the homeowner to always retain title to their home. Reverse mortgages require no income, employment or credit score requirements.

2007 and 2008 Top Reverse Mortgage Broker by Bank of America "In recognition of the outstanding service you provide to customers. The exceptional quality of your work with Bank of America enables you to deliver a high quality reverse mortgage experience.

How a Reverse Mortgage Works

picture Reverse Mortgage Eligibility: All borrowers must be 62 or older
Must be listed on title of the property
Participate in a Reverse Mortgage Counseling session
Must occupy property as primary residence

Type of Properties Eligible for Reverse Mortgages: Single family homes
Multi-family homes (2-4 units)
Manufactured Homes

How you can use your reverse mortgage funds? You can pay off existing mortgages, eliminate debt, supplement your income, do home improvements or home repairs, pay medical expenses, purchase a new home, or even travel.

Reverse mortgages allow seniors to enjoy financial security and maintain their independence.

Call now for immediate help (602) 741-9420 and Hall will help you, or simply fill out this form and Hall will contact you.